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    Honda Dio

    DIO – India’s first motoscooter is named after the son of Venus ‘Dyonisiac’, also known as Cupid, the God of Love. Honda DIO is set to add passion and excitement with its stunning looks and performance, by incorporating the latest world trends that make it a scooter that is much ahead of its time. .

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    Honda Activa 3G

    Honda Activa is the first scooter model of HMSI for the Indian market. It has revitalised the Indian scooter market after its launch in the year 2001.
    By design, the Activa let's anybody in the family get their hands on it. To make riding fun, we removed the gears and retained only those controls which can be safely left to your reflexes.

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    Honda Activa 125

    With a 125cc Honda engine at its heart, 3D emblem, metal body, digital meter and telescopic suspension – Activa 125 allows you to step up, that too in style.
    Superb power and exciting pickup apart, it is loaded with HET that give it a world class mileage. It comes with sturdy, 5 spoke alloy wheels.

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    Honda Aviator

    Exuding style from the word go, the Honda Aviatoris for those who don't have to try hard to impress. Topped up with classy features, it adds to your quotient in more ways than one. Yes, the Aviator is here. And it's time for you to arrive..

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    Honda CBF Stunner

    Honda Stunner CBF is the new stylish and elegant sporty bike decked with attractive looks, excellent performance and unsurpassable quality. It's the extreme desire of every rider thus set your spirits free with this ultimate style icon and sensation.

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    Honda CBR-150R

    Experience the ride of your life. Unbelievable as it may sound, Honda CBR 150R brings an experience that's like no other. It comes from the lineage of the iconic CBR and the racing DNA of Honda, the reigning MotoGP champions. The journey begins here.

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    Honda CBR-250R

    Rev up the ignition to silence your buzzing thoughts. Mount the drop-dead styled CBR 250R and head out. With every mile, you will discover something new. The unrivaled comfort. The superb throttle. The fun of maneuvering. you will know the unknown about the CBR-250R

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    Honda Dream Neo

    “These days, superstars aren’t limited to tinsel towns. They are humble folks who find a way through narrow, winding roads with ease. Not chasing spotlights, they carry their world on their strong, able shoulders. Presenting Honda Dream Neo, ....

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    Honda Dream Yuga

    Introducing the 'Dream Yuga' legacy of Dreams. A 110cc, 4-stroke motorcycle that has been designed and created especially for India. Its decent style, best in-class mileage of 74 Kmpl* and great features at an affordable price to make it a dream motorcycle for everyone.

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    Honda CB Twister

    Introducing the 110cc Honda CB Twister. Great mileage like any 110cc. Highly affordable like any 110cc. Incredibly stylish unlike any. 110cc bikes will never be the same again. With 9 bhp of power and a claimed mileage of 70kmpl, Honda’s new CB Twister promises to shake up the 100-125cc segment.

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    Honda CB Trigger

    Its all about You. You are the master of your destiny. Drown others opinions and unleash biking nirvana, take the road less travelled. Untame Yourself with the new Honda CB TRIGGER. With its segment first feature of advanced Combi Brake System (CBS) and best in class mileage of 60 kmpl*, 150cc CB TRIGGER offers the perfect mix of masculine and aggressive design, superb performance and fuel efficiency..

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    Honda Shine

    Powered by Honda’s revolutionary optimax & Ergotec technologies, the Honda Shine is a companion that understands & fulfills the rider’s need to do more in life by delivering superior performance that is nothing short of a dream come true.

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    Honda Unicorn

    "Unicorn - The first motorcycle by Honda Motorcycle & Scooters India Pvt. Ltd. in the Indian market". Unicorn is powered by a newly developed Honda 4-stroke, 150cc engine and incorporates many cutting-edge technologies developed by Honda’s global R&D team.

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    Honda CB Unicorn Dazzler

    They say one second isn’t enough for anything.But for me, a lot can happen in one second. Agreement. Disagreement. Victory. Prayer. Love at first sight. The heart can skip a beat. Night can turn to day. Seasons can change. When you go at such a lightning fast speed .

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